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sony xperia s photo samples

Nov 04,  · Ahead of our camera review of the Xperia Z1, see some photo examples from Sony's latest megapixel monster of a handset. Sony Xperia Z1 sample photos. Up Next. Sep 10,  · We've already got our hands on Sony's new flagship smartphone announced at the IFA expo in Berlin last week. Now we've had the chance to use the Xperia Z1 for a few days and have shot a gallery to show you what the device's camera and 1/ MP CMOS sensor can do. We've shot in a mixture of light 78%. Jun 09,  · Sony's flagship mobile device packs some powerful imaging features, including a rear triple-cam, Eye AF and 4K HDR video recording. We've been busy getting ourselves acquainted with the still photo capabilities of a prototype model – take a Dpreview.

Sony Xperia S Camera Photo Quality Test Samples -

It seems like a natural place to find sophisticated autofocus and video capture features given its pedigree. We were eager to take it for a spin when we received a prototype model albeit one with essentially final image quality in the office - take a look at how we got along.

See our Sony Xperia 1 sample gallery. Editor's note: an earlier version of this story omitted the prototype nature of the phone. We've added that information and regret the error. You can see more Xperia1 sample images on instagram account for user behr0. I don't see any aspect ratio photos there xis it not possible to set the aspect ratio to in the still camera app, I know that still can be had from inside the video app. I really like the color profile and tone rendering, which is unusual for me to say for a gallery here on DPR.

I like it more than my Pixel 3's color profile, and more than my GR2's. This is disappointing in so many levels that I seriously double checked to see if these were not from Xperia Z1.

Hmm, just looked at the gallery on my IPhone XR- irrelevant probably. I think the Xperia pictures are pretty good on the phone screen, sony xperia s photo samples, not worse than what I get with the XR. These are pretty bad, but it's difficult to discern if the problem is the camera quality or the processing.

Too bad all of the photos are jpeg only, would be interesting to see a RAW file or two for comparison. Does the Sony's default camera app shoot RAW? I think it has to be the processing, how do Sony smartphones output the same fuzzy images generation after generation using largely the same hardware as the others?

Even Oneplus who probably licensed some generic algorithm doesn't have that fuzziness. Cellphone shots are meant for mainstream screen resolution purposes without any frame cropping let alone blow ups. If they're advertised as 2MP units I'll give them that handicap, or else I'll examine every pixel of their advertised resolution.

Exactly - if they apply sharpening aimed at a low resolution, then they, in practice, have a low resolution camera. And should advertise it sony xperia s photo samples such.

I understand where they are coming from. It should look totally stunning according to non photo knowledgeable on the phone screen. So, they over sharpen sony xperia s photo samples for that resolution. I feel like I live in an alternative universe where good cameras exist and somehow I got transported onto this weird one where Nikon got bankrupt before introducing the D1 and so the digital camera revolution never happened.

Sorry but I don't even need to click to open the full size pictures. This isn't just 'low dynamic range', sony xperia s photo samples, this is no dynamic range to speak of - it's just punch, contrast and blown up artificial colors. Yes technical quality is not the most important thing, but then don't try to sell bloody phones on merits of the camera module quality. Just at a glance these remind me of my first phone with a camera, which was from So apart from pixel resolution, zero progress in 17 years.

I feel like saving up for Fuji GFX just to spite this stupid trend of selling garbage IQ as something remotely good. Also I want to point out I used to have an Xperia Mini Pro with the legendary 5MPx AF module that was in every phone that tried to make respectable photos in the early 's and the pictures were fairly decent. So this is actually quite a downgrade.

I feel the DR is fine. You'll almost certainly get more blown clouds with something from Detail retention is again horrible with Sony, strange fuzziness. Somehow the delayed launch didn't help there.

Samfan, thank you for this post. Honestly, it does feel hard to believe my eyes from time to time with these phone samples and some other camera samples as well. These pictures remind me of my iPhone 4 but even they had some more realistic feel. So much hype, so little evolution I have been using the Xperia 1 for 4 days. It seems the ultra wide lens is without auto focuswhat a shame! I have to say that when I found out that the P30 Pro has AF for the sony xperia s photo samples, I was a bit jealous, especially since I'm beginning to regret picking the S Still, I get ok results from the UWA there, and its the main camera that matters and the S10's is pretty great, if not excellentthough the telephoto is overly sharpened and not as detail-rich, sony xperia s photo samples.

Look at the trees or the grass, sony xperia s photo samples. The Huawei suffers from texture aggregation as usual. Because I'm one of those lucky people I could easily get the SD variant of S10 if I really wanted to, sony xperia s photo samples, but then here all phones sold by carriers come with tons of non-removable bloatware and a crappy custom carrier app launcher, and Samsung historically sells their flagships only through carriers in my country.

Actually there is such a thing called eBay even if you're not in those three countries. For consumer electronics nothing really stops you from getting another variant. Andrei did mention immense improvement of the night mode in the latest firmware update with samples to show but I don't know about the processing in other aspects.

I sony xperia s photo samples it was a viable option for me personally, but: 1. Buying a phone from eBay and getting it shipped internationally means that the warranty service isn't as reliable as buying one in the store or from a domestic online retailer, or is sometimes pretty much non-existent. Here in Japan using a phone without a certification from MIC is technically illegal, and in fact many gadget blogs warning about it.

I've seen Anandtech's sony xperia s photo samples article on Samsung's night mode as well, it seems that Samsung managed to improve the image processing significantly over Scene Optimiser Bright Night which barely worked, and is now on the same level as Google and Huawei. Very nice photos. Of course in this case most of the photos are in good light.

Did you actually see the photos? They look horrible, sony xperia s photo samples. As if Sony wants to boost their "real cameras" sales so that they cripple the smartphone cameras to like what it was seven-ish years ago.

The gap between smartphones and Nikon D70 is indeed almost closed. They only have to improve the fake bokeh a bit and it's done! I don't know why someone cant like these photos but more and more I find people posting much better photos using their cellphones nowadays. So what if Bokeh is false? Technically, a photo in itself is false. Final result matters and not how it is created.

Sigma82 why not? Similar dynamic range, similar real resolution, similar SNR at low light. I used a friend's D70 from time to time more a decade ago and the files are still on my PC, the photos in the article reminded me of these files. Minus the fake bokeh, the D70 did not posses such wizardy.

It's like one of those old photoshop bubble filters. Is it just me, or is there alsmost no shadow detail and the images block up quickly to total black in the shadow parts of the images? Seems like Sony wants to protect sales of its own cameras The quality is nowhere near iPhone or Pixel. Sadly companies want smaller because they are cheaper. So technically sensors used inside modern flagship smartphones are vastly inferior when it comes to the sheer amount of light that can be collected per single exposure.

Is Sony really a contender in the premium price phone? Choose Sony if you really want professional tool. But we know that smartphone is commodity right now, sony xperia s photo samples. So if you really only focused on consuming side, any other brand can do better. But if you are a content creator, choosing this Xperia 1 would be really in your short list. If it was a product targeted towards professionals we should expect the camera app to have at least an option to adjust the amount of processing applied to the image, sony xperia s photo samples.

Focusing on a video recording capability is a definitely a good thing but that doesn't mean they can neglect the still sony xperia s photo samples side. Miki Nemeth, Didn't you hear about Trump policy that forces Google to cut cooperation with Huawei, that only Google-less Android that might be used from now on. Of course they can survive but mainstream wants Google in their phone so it would be hard sell in the near future. Who knows what's next but yeah.

In my post above i said so. Sadly the P30 isn't a Saint as well. The best results are always with gcam, but I don't think there is a stable version for the P Yeah, no gcam is a deal breaker for me at the moment. Anyone shoots raw with Smartphones? I would like to see a raw image option too.

To me smartphones built in processing is too aggressive with noise reduction. My old Iphone 6s raw images processed with sony xperia s photo samples mobile look better than this.

I like shooting raw on smartphones, sony xperia s photo samples, and probably any phone processed "to taste" would provide better images. Also true that if you process the raw files of a last gen one, you would get much better images. I like using gCam when possible it works decent even with moving subjects - the jpg is ok, but using lightroom mobile on the merged raw files is pretty spectacular my current phone is a not great spec-photo wise: LG V30 - but for me the wide angle is a must have, and at the moment i bought the one it was one o f the very few options.

Many but not all LR generates edge artifacts too easily.


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sony xperia s photo samples


Sep 25,  · Sony Xperia XZ1 Camera Samples, Photo Gallery & First Impressions Sony today announced this year’s flagship Xperia XZ1 in India at an event in New Delhi. The company first showcased the Xperia XZ1 at IFA held in Karanveer Singh Arora. We review the megapixel Xperia X camera and megapixel selfie camera, just two of the highlights of Sony’s latest smartphone. Check out our full thoughts, along with photo and video samples. Sony Xperia S Photo Quality test result from various Timing in a day at Day Light, Sun Light and Night Light& Quality Test Results. If you own Sony Xperia S, send photos taken by your device, we will publish your photo in this section for other users get known about Sony Xperia S camera quality.