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Yes, here the major Swype style alternative keyboards for Android: SwiftKey (now with Flow) is very reactive and light, also pretty functional to be a beta, in my humble opinion at the moment is one of the best alternatives to Swype. (also if S. May 20,  · 😎swipe fast keyboard is a brand new smart Swipe keyboard for FREE 😎swipe fast keyboard offers an authentic animated Swipe keyboard for swipe fast lovers 😎Download swipe fast keyboard and make your phone unique and enjoyable! -About swipe fast keyboard swipe fast keyboard is a smart and magical keyboard for Android phones. swipe fast keyboard provides you with unique, smooth and fun /5(2K). If you are looking for the best apps like Swype, look no further because we have a list of some of the best alternatives available for Before we get to the best apps like Swype, we thought we would tell you more about what the app is and how it works. Swype is an Android keyboard app that Author: Nick Pike.

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Feb 7, 62 5 For those who like Swype type input there is a free alternative that I use almost exclusively: Slideit. Mar 24, 91 8 Apr 14, 26 63 Head Bottle washer! Right behind YOU! FlexT9 is so far superior to swype in every way. But this is my new one!! AustinTech Android Enthusiast. Mar 27, 61 6 16 Engineer Barnegat, NJ.

I just started playing with it, but I really like it so far. Nov 29, 82 78 California. IRuninCircles Member. Mar 17, 78 6 I am so happy I did, absolutely love FlexT9! After using it a couple of times, I made sure to get all of my friends to download swype similar apps and they all love it as well.

My husband struggles with anything to do with typing on touch screens, but he was able to pick this up pretty well and loves swype similar apps too NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter. As the OP keyboard app isn't free anymore i'm not gonna merge this with the Amazon Free App thread, Swype similar apps am, however, gonna move this to the Application section of the forums as it isn't specific to the Tbolt.

Apr 12, 25 2 Wanderlusterer Member. Apr 6, 71 22 NightAngel79 likes this, swype similar apps. Wanderlusterer likes this. Stealthman Android Enthusiast. Jul 2, 38 FlexT9 swypes better than swype lol, swype similar apps, it's much more accurate.

And there is nothing faster than a swype style keyboard, I tried swiftkey and it's not as good. FlexT9 is the real deal. May 15, 4, swype similar apps, Long Island, NY. I did "buy" FlexT9 for free the other day from Amazon. Just getting to try it now. Swype similar apps very interesting. I've been used to swype for a while, so there are some things that I don't like about FlexT9.

With swype, I liked how you could quickly get the number keypad in a 3x3 layout. I liked how you can do a caps by moving your finger into the upper area after the letter. Also liked how you can do? What I didn't like about swype is that it auto-added words that I manually pecked out to the dictionary.

Looks like FlexT9 does the same. I wind up with things like hmmmm in the dictionary. Also, swype similar apps, for example, let's say I can't get it to accept the word "thief" when I swipe it out, so I type it and hit thied on accident. Well, now thied is in my dictionary.

I've found that, after a while, with swype, I had so many of those things in there that I had to wipe the dictionary. Swype similar apps the other hand, swype similar apps, I do like the feel of FlexT9. I think I like their word choice method better. I can live without the! Swype similar apps wish they had an option to not auto-add to the dictionary. I emailed their support about that. There's no way to manage the dictionary at all, right?

Anyone been using this for a while? Seems like they've been updating monthly. What kind of things have been added? Do they take user suggestions and implement?

Jan 5, 30 Oct 31, 93 SF Bay Area. I'm a long-time Swype user and I'm giving FlexT9 a try. Aside from the previously mentioned shortcomings, I really like it.

It feels quicker than Swype, swype similar apps. The voice dictation is stunningly accurate with my voice; I may never swipe again I wrote a one-page email using the dictation which makes you do it in chunks and I was quite impressed how easy it was and how few errors there were, it even picks up proper names, presumably from Contacts.

So far so good Jul 31, 18 38 Maui, Hawaii. I've been using Shapewriter for a few months and I like it just a tad more than Swype. It's not available on the Market but the apk is still around the Internet. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, swype similar apps, my password is: Forgot your password? Android Forums.


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swype similar apps


11 Apps Like Swype Keyboard. 0. SwiftKey Keyboard. SwiftKey is a simple keyboard application that, once installed, will help you to write much faster from your Android terminal, intelligently correcting any errors we commit something quite familiar in touch screens. He does stuff with apps. He makes yachts and boats and cars sound go. Yes, here the major Swype style alternative keyboards for Android: SwiftKey (now with Flow) is very reactive and light, also pretty functional to be a beta, in my humble opinion at the moment is one of the best alternatives to Swype. (also if S. Alternatives to Swype Keyboard for Android, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad, Windows and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Swype Keyboard. List updated: 5/12/ AMOperating System: Android, Iphone, S60, Android Tablet, Ipad.